A prayer in the deepest part of my heart

Beloved God.  Creator of all.   Who is beyond my understanding.

I am thankful that in America, you can steal millions of dollars from the poor and marginalized and be helped along by the government.  We do not want the wealthy to suffer any.

I am thankful today that grace is being spread like butter on bread to the hurting economy.  I imagine this is what Jesus was offering when he delivered the sermon on the mount.

I am thankful today that the margins grow wider and the elite shrinks.  I am reminded of Israels call to be lead by kings and cease being judged.

I am thankful that injustice is not just for people of color.  We are oppressing people by their economic viability now.

I lift up Sally Palin and her cronies as they get set to pillage what is left of the American coffers.  I ask for your mercy, for your grace…please return now and end all of this BS.

Where can I flee from your Spirit?  Lord where can I flee this injustice.  My heart is heavy with the burden of the other as we are pillaged again.  Why do the wicked run a muck?  I am finding it difficult to embrace your mercy as it seems to flow over the backs of the poor.

God I pray you do not turn from our actions and protect the poor and marginalized from the tyrannous exploits of the greedy and corrupt.  I pray for revelation of your will and convict the hearts of the powerful as we humbly seek to life as you call us to live for the other.


P.s. Palin…Where does she fit in your plan?

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