It is that time of year!

Beloved creation, it is the greatest time of the year.  Major League Baseball playoffs!!!

Back in early May I took a stab at predicting who would be here in the fall dance for the ultimate title of MLB World Champs.

I predicted the Bold, the actual is [in brackets].

AL East     Boston Red Sox [Tampa Bay Rays]

AL Central     Kansas City Royals [Chicago White Sox]

AL West     Los Angeles Angels

AL Wildcard     Oakland Athletics [Boston Red Sox]

NL East     Philadelphia Phillies

NL Central     St. Louis Cardinals [Chicago Cubs]

NL West      Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wildcard     Chicago Cubs [Milwaukee Brewers]

I predicted the Angels, the Phillies, and the Dodgers to win their division.  I thought the Bo Sox and the Cubs would be there but the Sox got there via the wildcard and the Cubs won the NL central.

I am very happy to see the Rays there in the mix.  I have loved to watch them play this season.  They are a very exciting team to watch.  You get a great show as they play.  I am still hoping for a freeway World Series between the Angels and the Dodgers.

There is hope of a North Sider vs. South Sider series in Chicago.  I personally hope that one does not happen.  I want the Dodgers to be in and win the World Series against the Angels, but I would settle for the Rays.  I just want the Boys in Blue to triumph 20 years after their last run.

If the Dodgers get to the World Series I am going to go.  I got to see it.  My brother has tickets to the NLCS at Chavez.  I am jealous.  I hope his happy vegan butt gets ill on the Dodger Dog he will have to consume.

[Dodgers took game one 7-2 at Wrigley.  We need two more!  Let’s go Dodgers!  Let’s GO!!!]

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