Are you down with the J E S U S?!?

I consider myself a progressive, evangelical, post-denominational, seeker of Christ these days. What does this mean Ryan? I am glad you asked.

I believe that Jesus is essential to the reconciliation for Creator and creation.  This manifests in a diverse fashion.  I will never claim to own the truth.  I seek the truth will great hunger and passion.  I do not need denominations to do this.  I need Jesus…simply Jesus the Christ.  [I still say the Apostles Creed is the best statement of faith I could offer to anyone for what I believe.]

I have no passion compared to these cats…

I love the ska bass lines in this piece.  I wish these guys had played some of the backyard parties I enjoyed as a high school lad.  These days Jesus is indeed a friend of mine .  You had better think twice before you mess with me.  In fact, Jesus is my home boy!

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