I believe in Jesus. So what?!?

What does it mean to “Believe in Jesus?”

Last night I was thinking as I drifted of to sleep…What it means to “Believe in Jesus?” Is it as simple as proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior fixes as things? I am not sure the wounded or hurting folks would agree with any degree of simplicity that did not alleviate their suffering directly.

When I say I believe in Jesus, what am I [really] saying? When I think of Jesus my mind is filled with my experience of grace, divinity, and grace. There was a time in my life that when I proclaimed I believed in Jesus I was seeking help from somewhere. Proclaiming Jesus was my Bat Signal, high in the sky calling out to God for some kind of something.

There was also a time when believing in Jesus was difficult. I could not comprehend Jesus and what Jesus means in the cosmic sense of things. To me saying I believed in Jesus was akin to claiming that I once posed in a picture with some celebrity or that my moms friends cousin is the personal assistant to Richard Simmons.

When I say I believe in Jesus today I am laying claim to a power beyond me that transforms and fills the space between you and I. To me today Jesus is beyond the historical cat that roamed Palestine. Jesus is esoterically integrated into my very being.

What is it that I am laying claim too? My claim of believing in him [this] is a way for me to be in community with that very transforming power. I am really saying that I belong to Jesus and that the belief that I claim is only for me, allowed to exist and appear relevant due to the same grace that creation received upon Jesus’ death some 200 years ago.

Yes, it sounds like crazy shite. Most of the claims leaved upon Jesus and subsequently Christianity look utterly absurd. Jesus does not mess around. Resurrection, afterlife, forgiveness, grace, compassion, and loving your neighbor are all out of reach hopes marred by the human condition.

When I am claiming that I believe in Jesus I must also embrace the world view Jesus offers in the Gospel.

Jesus turned things upside down! Turning tables over in the temple. Telling folks they would be turned against each other. Jesus demands that we love our neighbor. Jesus tells us the first will be last and the last first. Jesus rebels against the status quo and offers voice to the voiceless. Jesus F*%ks sh*! Up.

Jesus is not bound to my belief. Nor is Jesus solely focused on individual enhancement, self-help, or anything that disconnects us from them. Rather, Jesus is in relationship to my belief and in relationship with us and them. Thank you, Paul for helping me to understand the proclamation of Jesus the Christ in relation to the proclamation that Jesus is the CHRIST. Why do I insist then on proclaiming that I “Believe in Jesus?”

Next week: What is the importance of believing in Jesus? AND Who then is Jesus?

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