Los Fabulosos Musica! [29 question about music]

A little meme action from your friendly neighborhood coffeepastor.

1. Of all the bands/artists in your record collection, which one do you own the most albums by?

This is sad…I own the entire catalog of a few artists [Bowie, Tom Waits, Beck, The Black Keys, The Grateful Dead, Ben Harper…] But I would say I only own Ben Harper. His music is a window unto my soul. I love his music very much. Every album offers me words to what I feel…so I am owned as much by his albums as I own the albums.

2. What was the last song you listened to?

I need Love of the Bigger and Deffer album by LL Cool J This album is as amazing as it was some 20 years ago. If you view the album in its historical context you can see why LL is the bomb. All sucka MC’s must call him sire!

3. What’s in your record/CD player right now?

The Sun is Always Brighter by Joshua James This album is one of the best of the year thus far. It is defiantly in my top ten of 2008. The songs are honest, simple and moving. I am transported to a place of hungry healing as I journey with Joshua into a world of deep reflection on the mundane circumstance we all find ourselves in. This is one of the albums y’all must own.

4. What song would you say sums you up?

If Creep by Radiohead and Ben Harper’s Forever met and fooled around after the proper gestation period I would arrive.

5. What’s your favorite local band?

I just arrived in Louisville so I will take one from my former place of residence. Austin, Texas’ own The Sword! They are straight up metal and badass. Strap on those boots out on the flannel and button your jeans cause they cats are going to rock out with their &*%$ out!

6. What was the last show you attended?

Hmmmmm…Iron Maiden in San Antonio! It was so freaking amazing!

7. What was the greatest show you’ve ever been to?

I would have to be Lollapalooza in 1992 at Irvine Meadows. It had Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Ministry, Cypress Hill, and Jim Roses’ Circus Sideshow. I went with a bunch of people. I got lost and was exposed to the crazy world of recreational drugs. Mind you I did not inhale of hold. I squirted lotion of some girl and pretended it was from a bird. She was not impressed.

The show was life altering. I remember when Ministry came on they played “N.W.O.” to open and these lasers and lights started to hit the crowd…flashing strobes sent me into a hypnotic place. I remember thinking this is the coolest thing ever, all of these people focused on one thing, one energy. It was then I accepted God and wanted to find a way to get near that divine energy.

That or that time I saw Bad Religion and Fear at the Palladium and a riot broke out. Crazy…BTW, I shared a beer [Budweiser of course.] with Lee Ving and got him to autograph it and call a friend’s boyfriend on my cell phone at the Warped Tour in 2001. Good times!

8. What’s the worst band you’ve ever seen in concert?

I would say is has to be the countless crappy bands in the backyards of early 1990’s Los Angeles and SFV. The more atrocious they were the more we loved them. My brother had a pretty bad band back in the day. I forget what they were called. He once played a show drunk and wearing a child’s firemen helmet as he belted out “I was a teenage Greg.”

9. What band do you love musically but hate the members of?

Metallica, I think they are dicks but I love their music.

11. What show are you looking forward to?

I would love to go see TV on the Radio on the 18th of October, but I will be in New Mexico. Amos Lee on the 5th of November and The Black Keys on the 7th of October would be great shows. Alas I have no plans to see any show soon. I would love to attend more shows.

12. What is your favorite band shirt?

I love my Gorilla Biscuits shirt and my Bad Brains shirt. Both are new versions of ones I had a long time ago. I wore my GB shirt out by never taking it off. I lost my BB shirt at a Fear show.

13. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?

Ben Harper. I bet he has some great perspectives on Jesus and community in general.

14. What musician would you like to be in love with for a day?

What kind of question is this? I would rather pine over them in the shadows of their music. Love is too strong for me to contend with outside of my wife and God. Besides I fail in loving God and my wife why throw another one in the mix?

15. Commodores or solo Lionel Ritchie?

Freakin’ Lionel Ritchie, Baby! I used to listen to the Commodores in my moms old ass torn up Fiat that spewed exhaust into the passenger cabin on the 8track. Yes an 8 track. That was classy, folks. An 8track booming the Commodores in an Italian sports car. Yes, Classy!

16. Punk rock, hip hop or heavy metal?

I could just say one of those nu-metal bands and get it all. Give me R&B, Soul, or Jazz any day of the week. I have to be I a mood for either punk, metal, or hip hop.

17. Name 4 flawless albums:

Ben Harper- Welcome to the Cruel World

Jeff Buckley- Grace

Beirut- Gulag Okestar

The Black Keys- Chulahoma

18. Did you know that filling out this survey makes you a music geek?

My collection of over 4,000 albums also tells me I am a music geek. I also played D & D…

19. What was the greatest decade for music?

I got to say the 80’s. The beginning of hip hop, the western expansion of Bob Marley and the Jamaican sound, arena rock, disco biscuits, synth-pop, and Richard Blade! The 80’s rocked.

20. How many music-related videos/dvds do you own?

None, unless you count the first season of Metalocalypse then it would be one.

21. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

This is difficult. I love Garden State, Romeo & Juliet, The Big Lebowski, Dan in Real Life, Once, Ghost World, The Life Aquatic, and Lost in Translation. The best of the best is The soundtrack from The Darjeeling Limited. I love it much. It reflects the soul of the film very well. I is a vehicle that stands alone as a vision of hope, struggle, and journey.

27. What was your last musical ‘phase’ before you wised up?

I went through too many…maybe the hardcore straight edge phase or the Christian hardcore phase?

28. What’s the crappiest CD/record/etc. you’ve ever bought?

I do not buy crap. I have a few albums with unique character, but no crap.

29. Do you prefer vinyl or CDs?

I prefer digital. I have and am transferring all of my albums from cd to digital. It is easier to store and transport.

6 thoughts on “Los Fabulosos Musica! [29 question about music]

  1. mightymere says:

    I’m going to have to politely disagree with your number 19.

    The 80’s? Seriously?

    Remember that this is the decade that brought us Quiet Riot and Hall & Oates…

  2. hell yeah to the hall and oates…”out of touch out of mind”…but “kiss on my list” – seriously…this song brings back the best of times – and the worst of times 🙂

  3. Totally agree about Metallica. John Trujillo makes them more palatable personality wise though. But Lars will always be a dick and only a moderately interesting drummer that.

    As far as the 80’s is concerned you have to go new wave and yes it is one of the best decades. Joy Division, Cure, Cocteau Twins, U2, REM, the Fixx, and so on.

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