Senryu Tuesday

I love me some Haiku! I have written haiku many times in my life. My past attempts can be found here, here, and here.

I have discovered that most of my haiku are actually senryu. The difference being haiku focuses on nature and is often more serious. Senryu are focused on human follies and are humorous and full of satire.

I offer you Senryu Tuesday. I am looking at the last few months as I graduated seminary, got married, and moved to Louisville.

Darkness creeps around

Community gathers

Alone in light…


Resting, post- “I do”

Stranger near?

A future,

I work hard,

Same as it was?

Camper, Bucks up

No longer frozen

Afraid of the dark

No more beer

Bluegrass bourbon, yum

With a splash of coke

Y, cable TV
Cool controlled air
Hamster wheel

I hope for tomorrow

Long for yesterday

I am here

No spring chicken

No pirate am I

Gray in my beard

Ghosts in the ranch

Calm my heart

I am afraid to sleep

No job for months

I am employed

No time to play

I miss my youth
I could run fast
Now I can buy a car

Wisdom replaces strength
Marriage overcomes life
There is always vacation

I missed LA

I miss Austin

What else have I missed?

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