Monday Morning Mish Mash

I am writing this morning as one of the fortunate ones in Louisville to still have power, somewhere around 240,000 residents are without.  Yesterday the remanants of IKE rolled through the “Ville” and caused some havok.  It ripped part of the roof from our new and still unnamed home as Mere and I watched in horror and ran for cover as it hit the car parked right next to us.  Some wicked crazy stuff for sure.

Due to the wind strom that ravaged the area church was cancelled, as it was illegal to drive in the city unless you were an emergency vehicle.  So I wrote a sermon that I will not preach tonight.  I am bummed because I was excited to preach this sermon.  I use The Big Lebowski and todays lectionary Gospel to teach the importance of relationships.  I really like this sermon.

Saturday morning we filled up Danger Cart at $3.99 a gallon for 87.  That was an overnight increase of 20-25 cents.  After the move I returned the truck and filled the tank up at the same gas station I filled up at

in the AM.  Gas was selling at $4.29 for 87.  What?!?  That is crazy!!! Gas went for $3.70ish to $4.29 in less than 48 hours.

Someone has got to get the hybrid tech on the market quicker.

Them cats in DC are not doing enough to produce alternative fuels.  Seriously, we cannot keep up this consumptive free for all.  It is against the principle of stewardship.  The eco value of the Gospel must be examined and preached from pulpits along with the providential appeal of America.

I want to point out this new group a friend created.  Clergy for Obama.

I love their mission statement.

Concluding this post is a Ken-tastic moment.  I have seen many cars that are raised with big rims and tires all around Louisville.  I have been wanting to snap a pic since we landed here.  Today as we went shopping at the Kroger I snapped the pictures in this post as I battled hurricane force winds in the parking lot.  Now that is Ken-Tastic!!!

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