I have arrived.

When I see the phrase “I have arrived” I think , “Pompous?!? any.” I assure you I am no more pompous than I have ever been. I think I am gaining humility. 😉 I think.

Mere and I are moved in to our new home. We live across the street from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Louisville. I have always loved St. Francis. It was a warm day and I am thankful to the amazing folks that came out to help us. Thank you Ben, Skye, Laurie, John, and Cindy for you kindness and muscles in making our move possible.

BTW, We still have not named our home. We have a few suggestions. You can still participate in the naming if you care to participate, here.

This morning I attended worship and heard a great sermon on this weeks lectionary Gospel pericope. I look forward to working with the pastor. I say I look forward to working with Derek [the pastor] at Douglass Blvd Christian Church because this morning I was extended and accepted a call to be the Minister of Education at the church.

I have been interviewing and walking in this process with the congregation for the last seven weeks. I am excited by this opportunity to serve the Ken-dom [Kingdom] of God. I have much hope to be a part of the transforming love and compassion in and around the Highlands area. I have been blessed with a passion and vision of what we cold be in the area.

It is my hope that DBCC become a place of refugee for faith seeking travelers as the journey towards understanding of Jesus that transforms the community, Louisville, Kentucky, this nation, and the world. We are being called and this congregation is crying out “Here I am, Lord!” I am blessed to be a witness to this moving of the Spirit.

So in a sense, “I have arrived.”  Thanks Be to God.

3 thoughts on “I have arrived.

  1. Blessings, my friend!

    … so, does the new job mean a fat bonus (ha!) that will see you and your lovely bride on a plane to Edinburgh any time soon? There’s a couple of pints with the Kemp-Pappan name emblazoned thusly across!

  2. Congrats on the new job! And, to pile cliches on top of cliches, you if you’ve arrived anywhere it’s only at the beginning of a long journey. Good luck!

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