I heart small town values!


I did not grow up in small town America. I lived in a big town with big town values that instilled in me the exact opposite values that small town cats get.

What I got with my big town values.

I am anti-fishing!

I am not a real person with real values. I am fake as hell.

I definitely have no common sense.

I believe in the traditional marriage between two people that love each other.

I am not to keen on Jewish or Christian churches.

I am anti-bed rock.

I believe in all things that make no sense.

I am against GLBTQ folks marrying straight people.

I am not very supportive of husbands or wives.

I am utterly against folks that tip great at Adult Entertainment Venues.

I learned that exclusion and division is the status quo from my big town values.

I do not agree that America is awesome at all. I would describe America more like intensely OK. Awesome is too religious and I learned in my big city values that the state and religion cannot kick it together at all.

I wish I grew up in a small town so I could have small town values. What if I wished upon Sally Palin? Will my dreams come true?

4 thoughts on “I heart small town values!

  1. Got here through your comment on Bruce Reyes-Chow’s blog. Even though I grew up in small town in Northern New England, played hockey as a kid and therefore have a real honesty to God Hockey mom – I think your post is good. I particularly like the Thomas Merton quote. Big City and Small town values are not as far apart as they might look on the surface.

  2. Brian Cubbage says:

    I did grow up in a small town in rural Kentucky. However, I’ve somehow grown up to be about as cosmopolitan in my sense of values as one can get. (I mean that in the technical sense in which the philosophers use it as well as the looser, vaguely urbanite and internationalist sense that others in the wider culture do.) Don’t know how that happened. My wife routinely introduces me to other people as a city kid who grew up in the country.

    I love my small-town roots, actually, but I have none too high a view of the notion that there are values and virtues that are uniquely “small-town.” In my experience, what people refer to with that expression is a mix of sentimentality, fear and hatred of the other (especially the
    “otherness” of women’s sexuality), and nostalgia that barely qualifies as a distinct moral outlook. Lots and lots of people in small towns escape that mindset, but enough don’t to force the rest to learn discretion.

  3. i think this is one of my most favorite posts…as a small town texas girl it made me think of how “small town values” are extremely overstated…thank you for the irony…

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