Why Blog?

Bruce, Jan, and Carol are exploring blogging and its place in the spiritual life of the church and its place in their lives.

Bruce asks the question, “Why Blog?”

I began blogging in the middle of one particularly harrowing dark night of the soul in 2002. I posted that night and perhaps a few other nights. Then I slipped back into the dawn of life and forgot the blog.

Fast-forward to 2004 and I find myself in Kenya as a Young Adult Volunteer and I begin to receive emails asking me all sorts of questions. I tried to write back to as many as I could. Then I set up a blog there and answered all of the questions in mass.

This time I blogged as much as I could. I tried to blog daily. I filled the log with stories, reflections, photographs, and humor. The blog became a link to home and a place to dialogue with friends and family as I was transformed.

I was able to process my return home on the blog. Then I arrived at seminary and decided that I would continue the blog to share the journey of seminary with family and friends. Then I noticed that others were reading the blog.

I expanded the blog to include articles and papers I was working on in seminary. This led to many original compositions on what ever was in the news or the stuff I was learning at the time. I notice patterns and sought to offer features that repeated weekly. I found blogging was a great release for me.

Blogging allowed for great healing for me, as I adjusted to seminary and being back in the States, a fellow classmate read my posts from Africa and would ask me questions about my time there. She helped me process what was going on inside my mind and heart. She is now my wife.

I blog because it is central to my witness. Blogging has allowed many to enter into a conversation about faith, reason, church, Jesus, and Christianity. In this conversation we share the hopes and dreams we have for the Ken-dom of God. Blogging has connected me to people I may not have ever had conversations with. It has allowed for relationships to grow and for paths to cross in common hope to care for the Other. Blogging is another tool in the creative blessings of a creative Creator.

I blog as a spiritual practice. I devote as much time as I can to blogging, both writing and reading. I find the conversations and community present with in the online social networks to be valuable and challenging to me. I gain deep soulful satisfaction from other’s posts and conversations. To be a part of the larger catholic church satisfies something deeply connectional and longing in me. Blogging has opened my eyes to other ways of being church and being the body of Christ. Blogging sooths a wounded soul as the balm in Gilead. Blogging has expanded my view of the Ken-dom of God. No longer am I limited to the visible and tangible applications of the Ken-dom of God. I believe that God reigns in all things, imagined and yet-to-be imagined.

I blog because I feel called to blog. It is part of my daily routine. It is part of my minister. It fills my cup. Blogging has been a blessing to me. It has blessed me with a wide range of friends and acquaintances that work together to realize the “not yet” as we wrestle with living in the “here”.

I blog because it transforms me. I am not the same person as I was prior to blogging. I am able to articulate with passion and precision. Well more precision that before. I have witnessed encouragement from strangers as I seek to answer the call on my life to serve the Ken-dom. Blogging bears witness in my life of the New Being taking the old and transforming it to the New sans destruction and pillage. Through repeated waves of love, reflection, and the occasional rocky shore my ocean of understanding has become a place to flow with the currents of Gods will as I am battered by the storms of life.

So I ask, “Why do you Blog?”

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