Political Who Ha.

I used to not be so engaged in politics. Then I got older and realized that the stuff of politics was more than following a party line. Better yet politics effected people in real life. That immigration oppressed folks and opened a market of exploitation. That the drug war lined the power pockets of a few folks and kept many victims in prison. The taxes were more than the material dreams of those that run for office.

I enjoy these days with a vigor sponsored by York’s peppermint patties. I am excited to see the nation on the verge of such historic proportions. No matter what the outcome the old boys cracker club will be crashed by Sally or Barak. I will not hide my allegiance for the spirit of change that I sense with Obama. I have heard Obama speak once and watched many of his speeches. Sally? Who is she?

There has been an intense focus on this gal from the north. She is a hockey mom that speaks in tongues and awaits the second coming of Jesus H. Christ. Sally rose quickly in the political ranks and arrives with out the normal fanfare of marinated goodness of DC stink.

I offer you this short [thank you to [indie rock tip jar for the piece] on what went down when McCain makes the decision to offer Sally the VeePee post. WARNING!!! THERE IS STRONG LANGUAGE PRESENT IN THIS VIDEO. NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THE YOUNGER FOLKS OR FOLKS APPOSED TO STRONG LANGUAGE.

Either this went down or no one wanted in on this swiftly sinking boat of political who ha.

One thought on “Political Who Ha.

  1. That’s funny, no matter who you’re for~ I think.

    I’m waaay too into politics this time around. I’m wondering if it’s because my life isn’t as busy or fulfilled as it should be. I check campaign news many times a day, and I can’t stop!! I’m a grown-up!! What happened??

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