Let’s exploit a culture for profit: Episode 1

I was excited to see that the local mall now has a Halloween store occupying an old shop. I love the costumes and stuff. It reminds me of my childhood and all of the costumes I wanted to wear. I mostly got stuck wearing the thin plastic suit like ones with the mask that had the little rubber band holding it on your face. For a chubby kid those costumes sucked. I always dreamed of making my own costume and winning some kind of prize.

I was looking around this store and noticed all of the offensive costumes that are available to parade around in. So I wanted to highlight a few here.

Big Kahuna

The some kind of African/tribal guy. This one is reminiscent of Kamala the Ugandan Giant or those guys from the old T&C surf shirts. For the life of me I cannot understand the logic in this costume. So let us mock the Polynesian culture to make a buck. I am probably just jealous that others need a costume to acquire the beer belly I have. What would Sally P. say to this guy? Does she support his right to party with a spear and trial head gear? WWJD?

Guy with serape & hat

So Speedy Gonzales was not enough? This guy is so commodified he does not even get a name. Just, Guy with serape & hat. The worst part is that one could vacation in Mexico and purchase an authentic serape for half the cost of this cheap thin fabric thing they are calling a serape. Silly Gringos!

The Tooth Fairy

I am not sure what to say here. You better add your own comments here. Why the cigar? You can dress up like this and make an ass out of your self and folks that are in love with someone of the same sex cannot marry and live life together. And they are the abomination?

Tequila Popper Dude

So we can exploit a people if we do it in a way that there are choices. So I can be Tequila Popper Dude or Guy with serape & hat! Arriba! Arriba! This one is cooler because he is dude. All tequila drinking Mexicans wearing bandoliers full of shot glasses love to be called dude. Well Mr. McCain we had better close the boarder now cause I do not want this country full of booze drinking Poncho Villas and their marauding band of Guys with serapes & hats


He looks awfully puzzled to me… Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani [in this commercial hell hole]? Do your family a favor and keep the stereotypes and insults out of the tricking and treating. Purchase offensive-free costumes. Let not creativity die!!!

5 thoughts on “Let’s exploit a culture for profit: Episode 1

  1. Brian Cubbage says:

    Dang. Just… dang. I hate those temporary costume stores, but then again I fell out of love with Halloween pretty early.

    I think it’s pretty well unarguable that adult Halloween costumes are by and large offensive. I guess it goes to show that a large segment of the population is just barely holding in bigoted, less than properly socialized attitudes and look forward to Halloween as an opportunity to stop pretending to be sensitive.

  2. @ Mere You need to write about the outfits for the ladies! It was pretty crazzzzy.

    @ Sarah I want to be Kung Fu Panda. Then again I always wanted to be R2-D2. We also thought about being Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

    @ Brian Hope you are better. It does seems that America holds all of its racist fever for the happy hallowed day of All Hallows Eve. Leave it to the holiday industry to profit on others emotions and circumstance. Now that is the American dream.

  3. I was Frida Kahlo one year. While a lot of people got it right away ( The eyebrow) a lot of people just thought I was being a Mexican. I had to explain it all night.

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