September 11

Next week at the Spring Street Pub Laurie & I will offer a night of reflection and honest discussion on the topic of Racism, Faith, and the church in relationship to the Arab/Islamic stereotype.

I have written before on my affinity for Islam and the teachings of Muhammad. I find a deep resonation with the classic poets Rumi, and Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi. I have described myself as an Islamitarian and subscribe to the notion of being a post-denominationalist [indeed I am exploring what it means to be post-Christian].

I am offended by those that hold Islam up as an evil system with evil teachings absent of the smallest nugget of understanding. We hope to explore the roots of cinematic oppression that subjugates our Islamic sisters and brothers to the shadows of expression. We seek ways to form communities of faith that love with compassion those that exist in the margins.

How do we as Christians add, support, or live apathetically to the marginalization of Muslims in our nation, in the world.

How can we move beyond hearsay and terror to have intimate relationships with others that practice a faith different than our own?

What lessons can we learn from other faith traditions that will led to a deepening of our own faith?

These are some of the questions that we will explore on Thursday September 11, 2008 at the Spring Street Pub.

Please check out Planet of the Arabs and invest the 9 minutes watching it prior to next week.

Here is a documentary called Reel Bad Arabs part 1

and part 2.

That explores the stereotype of Arabs in Hollywood. and American culture at large.

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