Urgent vs Immediate

I woke up this morning to Mere not feeling well. She has an ear infection. So I begin to search for an urgent care facility here in Louisville we could go to with our insurance. I got side tracked in searching for other benefits that we have with our insurance. BTW, this is the first time since HS that I have any real insurance coverage. I need to get new glasses. I discover providers we can utilize here in Louisville. This happens.

Me: There is only one provider here in Louisville for eye care we can go to, Dr. Bizer’s Vision World.
Mere [as she enters the Kozy Shack office]: DR. BIZER’S VISION WORLD…VISION WORLD…WORLD…WORLD…WORLD!

Me [laughing]: You are a dipshite.

Mere: I am just trying to keep myself laughing.

I discover that we can go to an Immediate Cate Center, but no urgent care center.

It struck me that this describes the difference between Obama’s America and McCain’s America. With Obama change is coming and he is calling us to answer this change with hope and joy. Obama’s platform is an immediate response to the winds of change.

Where McCain stumbles behind with out of touch policy dreams and promises that do not include the majority of America. He stirs up terror and fear as he separates and divides the people of America placing varied values on life. McCain’s response to the winds of change is urgent.

I for one will not respond to urgency. I will however respond to the immediate call for unity and a better tomorrow for all of America. I am tired of “The American Dream” leading us like a corrot on a stick into empty promises of prosperity and ease as the world foots the bill. I hope for an America that lives out the love of neighbor that the American Jesus so proudly waves.

The time is now to live the Word of God in ways that speak and cease the speak of ways to live the Word of God.

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