What’s the What…

I have become swamped with working with the YAV program, looking for a new house, working on the first Nuni De Community meeting, and being a candidate for ministry at a local church.  The YAV program is amazing and healing.  The Nuni De Community has been more work than I imagined.  I found a new house and we shall be leaving Kozy Shack for the hermitage on St. Francis in the next few weeks. I am to meet the congregation on September 7th, and preach at CCC on the 14th.  All of this occurs as I navigate the newly acquired waters of partnership with Mere.

I am tired.  I have been working 13 hour days and am tired.  I cannot find the strength to blog right now.  I have so much to say to y’all.  So much I am learning.  I will return after the YAVs depart on the second of September and after Nuni De Community meets.

Thank you for your support.

Palabra tu Madre!

3 thoughts on “What’s the What…

  1. Scott Spence says:

    God bless you and Meredith my brother-shoot me a line when you get a chance. Tara and I miss you and are praying for you both.

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