Cheers, Mere is back!!!

Mere my partner is a beautiful writer. She can make the ass end of a billy goat sound like a Steinbeck novel. She used to blog in seminary but she succumbed to the pressure of the studious life and put her blog on the back burner.

I have been bothering her ever since to start blogging again. I attempted to shame her into writing by explaining to her it would be a travesty to hide her gift with words and imagery with the world. She has meet me with that glare. Y’all know that glare, the one you get from your partner that allows you to flee with your entrails intact. With my tail between my legs I whimper along.
I set up a wordpress site for her and registered a domain for her with the hopes of her using it one day. Well that day was last week and today I want to formally invite you to her new site, Hymns & Needles. She has a few posts up now and has a vision for a few weekly features. What joy I have to share the beautiful words of my beloved with you all as she seeks to unwind the fabulous world of theology and weave the creative world of fiber art [knitting and crocheting] with you as she explores her faith in this fearfully and wonderfully made world.
Thanks Be To God.

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