Cuban kicks Swedish face

I love the Olympics! I have been digesting as much of this four year party as I can. I was watching the US women’s volleyball team get rocked by the Brazilians and left cause I hate seeing our ladies get beat like that. When I did I read an article about a Cuban athlete being disquialified for life because he kicked the refeeree in the face after he was disqualified.

He kicked the ref! That is a total misuse of martial arts. Everyone knows that. It was apparent that Kung Fu Panda has not made its way to Cuba. Yet another reason to lift the embargo. Nobody should be depraved of Kung Fu Panda and all of it wisdom. We will be hearing about this movie in countless sermons over the next few years.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

“This is a strong violation of the spirit of taekwondo and the Olympic Games. The sanctions are the following and are effective immediately: Lifetime ban of the coach and athlete in all championships sanctioned by the (World Taekwondo Federation) and at the same time, all records of this athlete at the Beijing Games will immediately be erased,” said the announcer, reading a WTF release.

I have given many WTF realeases and have never had any portion of them published on CNN. Angel Matos, why are you kicking people. Deflect to a western power and then you will have the clot the Kazakhs enjoy. Seriously, has not Kazakhstan suffered enough at the hands of Borat. Let it ride. Anyway, everyone knows taekwondo is not really a sport. Well it is a sport if NASCAR can be a sport.

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