I ran across this cartoon clip engaging the genitals of God. It is an interesting discussion of sexuality, gender, and the divine. It is a Kevin Smith like dialogical exploration of culture. It seeks to tie culture to witty razor sharp comebacks. This is perfect for all of the hipster, D&D wielding what not’s that want Jesus, God, and religion to be cool. God bless Brodie from Mallrats! It is a bit harsh on language and tone. Please watch only if you are OK with the profane exploration of God and the Divine.

Part 1

Part 2

What do y’all think…

I am off to Ghost Ranch for a few days and may be with out internet. God help me. If I do not die in a plane crash, get detained by the Feds, or wander off into the desert on a vision quest I will be back mid-week. Blessings and please pray for the returning national missionaries as they return home and continue their journey as seekers of truth, followers of Christ, and vessels of compassion.

Palabra tu Madre.

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