What Up?!? Wednesday

I used to offer this as a feature some time ago. I thought I would bring it back today.

Nebraska dismisses student-athletes in homophobic scare.

I was reading about Two Nebraska wrestlers [Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan] over at ESPN. They were dismissed from the team for posing nude for some pictures.

These two fellas lose their scholarships and are banished because in posing for the pictures they violated a NCAA rule that amateur athletes cannot pose for photographs that are for a commercial venture. So while these fellas lose all that they worked hard for, the NCAA & the universities and colleges in the NCAA can use any of the elite student-Athletes to turn a profit for the institutions.

If you ask me this smells of homophobia. Those pictures happened to be for a guy marketed website. It is amazing the level of insensitivity we practice as a nation as we criticize folks like China & Russia. We are a bunch of hypocrites.

If these fellas posed for a straight magazine it would be ok. Look at Playboy and its girls of “whatever conference.” It sells and the ladies cheer on Saturday. Shame on you NCAA! Shame on you Nebraska!

Tropic Thunder hears no resounding clap.

I saw a preview for Tropic Thunder the last time I went to the Drafthouse in Austin. I thought is looked funny. I love Stiller movies. I saw that Robert Downy Jr. played a character in the film playing a white actor playing a black war hero. I thought to myself that is bad. There was a little buzz about this in the tabloids and trades.

Fast forward a few months and there is an amazing outcry against this film. It is not from the Africa-American community. The boycott comes from The Special Olympics and other disability advocates. They are upset over the use of the R-word. Think elementary school here. They are upset at it use in the film, 17 times according to one advocate.

I am not sure what to think. I do not condone the abuse or ostracizing of anyone. Well except for Mimes. I do want to see this movie. I will judge for myself. I am sad that Jesse and Al did not catch this moment. Does this mean a passing of the torch or is Jesse still reeling from the Obama encounter.

I am excited like a fat kid in line at the candy counter during free samples day.

I was looking around this morning and came across Blizzard’s Diablo III. I loved the first and second installments of this game. I have beaten them both. I have run amuck on the cow level. I used to play Diablo II with my senior high students at a local cyber café.

I am real excited because Blizzard is releasing the game on PC and Mac simultaneously. So I get to buy the game on the platform I chose. I am gearing up to buy a Mac. It will be the next major purchase in the Kemp-Pappan household [Kozy Shack]. Diablo III will be the fist game I get for it.

I just may have to get a platform system again. The new Madden was just released and it is getting great reviews. So I now covet the X-Box 360 or PS3. I think I would stay with the PS3. I still have a few games I like from yore.

I look forward to this at the waterfront…

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