The Belhar Confession & My Suspicious Mind [part 1]

I wrote last week about my emerging understanding of my racist tendencies and how I desire to combat the injustice breed by my actions and thoughts. I hope to do this as I explore the Belhar Confession.

The first portion of the confession reads,

1. We believe in the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who gathers, protects and cares for [the] Church by [the] Word and [the] Spirit, as [God] has done since the beginning of the world and will do to the end. I cleaned up the masculine language in the above text.

We believe in the triune God…I love the representation of community here. We believe in a God that models relationships, complex relationships that defy boundaries of the finite human mind. We believe in a God that manifests before our eyes in all of creation that is not exclusive. We believe in a God that gathers.

We believe in a God that gathers. I love it that God gathers. It moves me to the parable of the sower in Mark 4. The same God that gathers is the God that harvests and tends to the needs of the fields. I feel cared for and loved as the God who gathers is present with us.

We believe in a God who protects. The gathering God protects. The ever present God in Psalm 139 penetrates all of the BS I bear and the fear I hold. This protecting God holds all of our days before us. In this God nothing transpires outside of divine will or purpose. This is difficult to comprehend and if left here it is harmful and the complexity of God is lost.

We believe in a God who cares. Stuff matters to God. The physical needs of creation matters to God. The poor matter. The broken, lost, and hurting matter. When we are present before the heart of God our hearts bend and break at the cares of God. God cares!

I love that the Church is present in the confession. We confess a belief in a triune God. A God that cares, protects, and gathers in God beautiful creation, the Church. I pray we do not miss out that the Church is comprised of all of creation and not just humanity. All is good not just the humanity shaped by Gods hands.

The consistency of God in “the beginning of the world and will do to the end” is beautiful. It inspires in me thoughts of security. Beyond this moment in time God is permanent and that matters because I am a part of that. I belong to something other than myself. I am not longer measured in finite terms. I conclude my independence for bondage to the Christ.

All people are included in Gods gathering, protecting, and caring. It is Gods life that runs in our veins. It is Gods right that breath flows from my lungs. What fear clouds my eyes to see the divinity present in all of creation. I think this is not just limited to the varying ethnicities that populate this world. I read somewhere that we fear that which we do not know. Then the solution is we must get to know each other.

I need to be with and live with others that are different than me. I need to serve, love, and accept others that are not a mirror image of me. The Belhar Confession sets out to reconcile by pointing out the common denominator does not lie in power, dominance, or visual cues. Our commonality lies in the triune God that gathers, protects, and cares for all of creation. We are all waiting in the Lion’s mane…

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