The Mystery of Human Life, according to guy on street…[part 2]

What up party people!?!

Today I am colored by a belly of seafood that is not agreeing with me. So I continue the unraveling of the mystery of human life begrudgingly. I would rather be getting my sleep on or even parade around in my Hill Billy Jim costume chanting U.S.A. U.S.A.!!! Go America!

So here is keys number 4…

4. Christ’s Redemption for God’s Dispensing

Nevertheless, [this word always freaks me out. Regardless of the circumstance it is a word constructed of three words. It is the trinitarian word of doom. When this word is present WATCH OUT something wicked this way comes.] man’s fall did not deter God from fulfilling His original plan. In order to accomplish His plan, God first became a man called Jesus Christ (John 1:1, 14). Then Christ died on the cross to redeem man (Eph 1:7), thus taking away his sin (John 1:29) and bringing him back to God (Eph. 2:13). Finally, in resurrection, He became the lifegiving Spirit (1 Cor. 15:45b) so that He could dispense His unsearchably rich life into man’s spirit (John 20:22; 3:6).

I dig this. So God cannot be deterred by our antics. Why would we impact God at all? So God’s original plan [see key 1 God’s plan] was just sort of suffered a little setback, man. So man messes stuff up and God has to send Jesus Christ also known as Jesus the Christ, Jesus H. Christ, J. Christ, and Jesizzle fo Christizzle. I see, the Holy Spirit is Jesus! So the trinity is BS. Be careful here there are reformed folks reading this. If Jesus became anything that means that begetting was also done via Jesus as the Christ? I am not sure I can knuckle that. I like my trinity in equal mysterious parts less the fully defined TV dinner like compartments. Now that compartmentalized He-God with Jesus and the begotten Spirit sounds a lot like Hindu pantheon. It might just be me. I am not sure what to say about the “unsearchably rich life” bit. I wonder if this stuff flies with folks in poverty. I bet when the rent is due, the bills are up, and food prices soar this “unsearchably rich life” means very little to them. A big part of why we have homogenized the gospel into a weak and docile call. Shameful.

5. Man’s Regeneration

Since Christ has become the life-giving Spirit, man can now receive God’s life into his spirit. The Bible calls this regeneration (1 Pet. 1:3; John 3:3). To receive this life, man needs to repent to God and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:21; 16:31)

To be regenerated, simply come to the Lord with an open and honest heart and say to Him:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.

I need you.

Thank you for dying for me.

Lord Jesus, forgive me.

Cleanse me from all my sins.

I believe You rose from the dead.

I receive You right now as my Savior and life.

Come into me! Fill me with Your life!

Lord Jesus, I give myself to You for your purpose.

Wow! Let us boil the cosmic act that is the Christ into a Saturday morning event. So there is a formula? So is this regeneration similar to that of lizards and newts? Do newts regenerate?

This prayer freaks me out. Maybe it is because I am beyond salvation and my mocking prevents my heart from truly indulging in the magnificence that is this prayer. I am not sure that this prayer is anything short of pornographic innuendo.

Yes Jesus is necessary to encounter the divine beauty of relationship in and with God. Do you have to cry out in an orgasmic manner, “I NEED YOU”? Then thank Jesus for dying for you. No one else here matters. I say this flies in the face of the proposed relationship, dare I say community. that is present in the need? I am probably mistaken and the need is solely individual and capital in nature.

So I thank you Jesus for your death that I caused because I am impeding God’s plan then I ask your forgiveness for my sins. Does this include the stuff I just pulled with my shorted mindedness? I affirm my belief in the resurrection. This proves that I am sincere and have the right mojo to be saved. For real I am for real in my decision to pray this prayer I got from the guy on the street.

Ok “Come into Me! Fill me with Your life!” Yea. Giggle. I did. It is insinuating a bit here. The author of the tract must have gotten a hold of some Hildagard of St. Teresa.

Give for your purpose. It sounds like another pyramid scheme to me.

6. God’s Full Salvation

After regeneration, a believer needs to be baptized (Mark 16:16). Then God begins the lifelong process of gradually spreading Himself as life from the believer’s spirit into his soul (Ehp. :17). This process, called transformation (Rom. 12:2), requires human cooperation (Phil 2:12). The believer cooperates by allowing the Lord to spread into his soul until all his desires, thoughts, and decisions become one with those of Christ. [It is funny that Christ’s thoughts look and sound a whole lot like ours already] Finally saturate the believer’s body with His life. This is called glorification (Phil. 3:21). Thus, instead of being empty and damaged in each part, this man is filled and saturated with the life of God. This is God’s full salvation! Such a man now expresses God, fulfilling God’s plan!

So if you are female you can stop reading now. You are cool. Only man/men are required to abide by this stuff. Here is a place where misogynistic, sexist ribble rabble comes in handy. Y’all are safe and sound in the arms of the Lord.

I am also wondering what other boxes need to be checked to be a believer. I do agree with the lifelong process thing. I am baffled by the degree of human agency present in this tract. Where is the predestination, the elect, the imago dei?

In what community would this process inspire folks to be transformed? It is a fear mongering tactic that is as lame as the incumbent leader in Washington. I offer that theology like this is what has desensitized a generation to the trans-formative message of the gospel and shamed a few int communities bound in fear and mistrust of the other.

There is room for all of us. I probably am wrong in all of the comments above. I bet that when I face my divine judge I will be judged unworthy to proceed. I hope there is grace, love, compassion, and forgiveness available in He-God as it is in God-God and John Wayne Jesus.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of Human Life, according to guy on street…[part 2]

  1. Well, my dear baby is longing for my attention, so I don’t have time to finish this post…but, oh, I love your critique in the quit little scan I’ve had time to do!

  2. Andre Marie Añain says:

    I don’t really understand why do you need to criticize it that way, are you an atheist or what? Why not just receive the Lord Jesus, believe in your heart that the Lord saved you from the curse of the law through His death on the cross. You’ve never seen that the Lord’s incarnation, human living, death and resurrection, thus it requires your belief. Redemption is not only for the sake of that, that is why the Lord became the life giving spirit for men to receive Him so that He may have His expression.

  3. Mark Loga says:

    Do not worry, not every one is touched by the Lord at once, for many it take some time. It took over two decades for me to experience his love. But one thing is for sure if you with the genuine heart touch him, you will find him in you one day. Praise the Lord.

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