I dream of this “church’…

Yesterday Carol posted “What will emerge from emerging?” It is a beautiful piece. Y’all need to read it and the discussion it has spawned. I loved Spawn back in the day. Well in the comments area I said some things. I want to focus on something here. “I hunger for a “church” that reaches outside of itself. A place where all are welcome and affirmed to their calls to serve , a home to be and a vessel of rising courage. I believe one can be Presbyterian, evangelical, progressive, and post modern in one imperfect package? What does this look like to me?

A “church” that reaches outside of itself.

I am not keen on using the word church. I prefer worshiping community. I prefer this due to the static brick and mortar symbol that church offers. A worshiping community places emphasis on the fluid nature of community and worshiping community focuses on the function to which we all desire, worshiping our Creator.

A “church” that reaches outside of itself is one that exists to serve the community it finds itself in. I want to be a part of a community based in service to its neighbors without regard to existence in an economy. I do not want to do because I want fire insurance nor do I want the motivation to serve be rooted in alleviation of guilt tied to my privileged status. A “church” that reaches outside of itself is a community that exhibits Gods love in humble moments of great sacrifice and commitment.

A place where all are welcome and affirmed to their calls to serve

I am tired of the exclusion of folks due to their sexuality, gender, creative, process, or disabilities. God calls us all to ministry. God ordains. God is the gatekeeper. I want to be a part of a community where discrimination in not used to keep “authority” in the “right” hands. The only reason our dumb butts are here is to glorify God and in the grace of Jesus the Christ we are welcomed in to relationship with the Divine. So why do you get to determine who is inside or outside of Gods elect? Last time I checked you were a sinner as I and God was God.

A home to be and a vessel of rising courage

I want a community that develops, encourages, and recognizes the courage to be what God calls us to be in all of its diversity and beauty. A community full of colors, perspectives, and love. A community where no one is left behind and we all wrestle with interpretation and struggle with faith, hope…centered on the amazing compassion delivered in the Gospels.

In this community I hope for I want courage to be fought for and practiced. I want the community to take a stand against injustice and be the Body of Christ. I want it to rise up against oppression, tyranny, and greed. I want the community to be full of integrity and die to the world and live for Christ.

I believe one can be Presbyterian, evangelical, progressive, and post modern in one imperfect package.

I see the possibility to be all and nothing. I am a Presbyterian. I subscribe to the polity set forth in the Book of Order. I do not agree with much of the wording. I stand by the structure and traditions.

I am an Evangelical. I believe the Bible is the divinely inspired, perfect Word of God. I do not believe it to be the exact inerrant Word of God. It is inspired and relevant to the interpreter in the moment of need. This is the living part we hear about. I believe that we need to witness and share the Word of God with all. I also believe that actions speak louder than words. So I chose to be part of the Biblical witness and not just speak about it.

I am progressive and postmodern. I believe in social system must be in place to help out everyone. I believe that there should be no value placed on the life of anyone as to set a hierarchy. All of life is precious. I believe that the government should not be big brother. We must step out and self sacrifice for the good of the whole. I think that science and technology need a big old dose of mystery. We cannot explain all things in all ways. We cannot define all things neatly and in order. I am convinced questioning and fighting the status quo is part of my duty as I seek to be Christ-like. I blog and have funky glasses. I had/have a laptop computer. I am postmodern because I have nothing better to label myself.

I am imperfect. All you need to do is read the last four years of posts. I went to seminary and still cuss. Sorry to my wife and friends who tell me it will hamper me getting a call. I am really trying to stop and have gotten way better in the last few months. I really do what I am called to do and complain as I do the wrong thing and hurt arrives. I am stubborn and the Mike Phelps of sinning.

My hope lies in the community that is forming in Old Louisville, Nuni De Community. I hope that is becomes a place where wealth, class, sexuality, gender, politics, and pudding preference does not define you. I do not want to avoid these discussions. I want to embrace them in relationship and endeavor to love one another and reach out to the community. I want the community to be place of healing and a place where the tough questions are wrestled with in community, a place where “church 2.0” flowers into existence and pastors are artists and congregations become a community canvas. This is the “church” I dream of.

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