Stupid words, stupid mouth…dumb vision

So for the last few years I have imagined a worshiping community.  A place that I wanted to be and belonged.  A community that lifted me up when I was down and allowed me to return the favor when the time comes.

I would go on and on about this “church” with anyone that would talk to me.  Dr. Harris and I would sit around at The Crown and chat about why certain elements should be included in the liturgy and service of the “church”.  I would dream about the structure and go and read about them.  I tailored most of my papers in seminary to the refining of this “church” that I hoped to one day be an artist for.

Then I neared graduation and here I am.  I am in Louisville, KY with a vision and a prayer.  I have nothing to lose.  I am terrified and not too confident that anything will come of this.

But here I am.  September 01, 2008 at The Old Louisville Coffeehouse Nuni De Community will have its first gathering.  I am not to sure what to do now.  I just spoke to the owners of the coffeehouse and they agreed to open their doors to us for our gathering on Monday nights.  So now I got to do something.  No I am real scared.  I have no job, no income, no supporters, nothing but a vision and a hunch that God wants me to meet with folks here.

Now I must get all the help I can.  I must pray like never before.  I must put together sermons, lessons, studies, and make sure all the ducks are in a row.  I have a blog, a twit account, and a facebook page going.  I want to create a buzz for this developing community.  I am not sure what it will be.  I hold many hopes for it.  It is my greatest hope that this experimen open the Word to folks that are in need and that this community reconcile and heal with each other.  I want to be an artist creating sacred space for others to explore safely and dangerously their faith.  I want folks to take Jesus out of the western, white, box that we have placed him in and experience a totally new gospel message.

We shall see what happens next.  Like I said earlier, I am scared.  Your prayers are appreciated and hoped for.

Palabra to Madre!

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