What’s going on…

I am not sure how much I have shared with y’all about what is going on these days with myself and Mere.  Mere works at the Center and enjoys her work very much.  She feels very lucky to work with the folks she does doing the work she does.

I on the other hand an currently not employed.  Today I have postponed attending Kent School of Social Work until August 2009.  We cannot afford the 10K a semester for tuition as a non-resident.  So we are planing to establish residency and lower the tuition so that I may attend next year.

This requires me to seek a full time job.  I have applied to eight different jobs and internships at the Center and none have panned out.  I Applied to nine calls in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky,  & Iowa.   Only the calls in Iowa & Kentucky have bothered to inform me of their decision to not extend an offer to me.

I am still on the look out for three possible situations here in Louisville.  On is a youth director position, another is a minister of education, & the last an internship at the Center.  If asked where I fell called I would answer the youth director position.

I have a vision for the ministry that keeps growing as the days pass by.  I have been in the process for about 6 weeks.  I am growing weary.  I am trying to be patient in the moment.  I just want to know either way so that I may move on.

I have been in conversation with a few folks about starting a worshiping community here in Old Louisville.  Well I have taken a leap and begun the process in seeking funding and organizing a community here.  I am not sure what will become of it.  I envision a transformative place where this community can care for itself and heal together.

I have been trying to put together a conference with Presbymergent in February in Louisville or Austin.   We hope to gather and put together a plan to serve the denomination in transformation and building a denomination that is radically loyal and  blatantly missional.  I am energized by the conversations and the hope we all celebrate.

I share with you in hopes that if you have any experience in church plants of fund raising you can offer up support in the comments area.  I also ask for your prayers.  I am sure God has something right under my nose.  I pray for wisdom and courage to be what God has called me to be and the faith to walk that mile.

7 thoughts on “What’s going on…

  1. Karen says:

    Sometimes we must be fools for Christ Ryan. Where is your passion and your energy? As a youth director or following the Presbymergent path? What lights you up? I think that is where you will find your answer. I will be praying specifically for clarity for you. Love ya man!

    And thanks for the Stan flair. WWSHD?

  2. Youth director is fine, I suppose, if and only if it’s where you feel called. Then again, I don’t recall Ezekiel starting out his ministry that way. Go where the fire wants to burn, and know our prayers have your back.

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