To Quick a Memory

I remember a time when the days seemed long and would never end.

I would ride my bike to the corner market and eat candy bars and play video games.

I admired the big kids and their cool ways. I wished I would grow up and counted my days.

I remember a time when I went to the drive in movies.

We would sit there on my lawn car just outside of the protective stare of my pop. With my brown paper bag full of home made popcorn I shoveled handful’s into my face.

I would try to stay up and finish the last bit…I never could.

I remember a time when I liked a girl.

I would try to talk to her and when I did I would mumble from my face. I hoped she would see that I was skilled in tether ball. I guess that is not an admired skill to a cultured fifth grade girl.

I tried to write a love letter with the gusto of my elaborate eleven year old mind…she never got it. My brothers did.

I remember a time when I would go to the beach and surf all day.

I would paddle out and pretend I was Slater or Garcia. I would return battered, fried, and stoked.

I ate at Neptune’s and smelled the sea and loved every minute.

I remember a time I played with clay.

I would sit for hours molding and shaping it, getting my hands dirty. It was therapy for my soul. The dirtier my hands and cloths got the cleaner my heart and soul became. I would listen till the dead of night my music in a studio built for all.

I relished the nights, the cool air, the glowing pots…I was not the best but I did not care.

I remember a time I sat on a balcony overlooking a thunderstorm on Lake Victoria.

I smoked my cigarette and talked to my wife. Who I did not know. I told her my hearts story and escaped into the show. Magnificent showers dried my eyes, lonely and pleasant.

I went down to dinner and had the finest fish money could get…I was happy and fearless.

I remember a time a sat on my bed in the dorm.

Three years seemed so long. How was I going to do it? I would mourn the days gone and the memories blessed. I met some folks and they were pleasant.

Three years later and I wish it could start all over, unlike that child in the liqueur store playing his games. My days a quick and speed by.

I want to talk to that boy and tell him to calm down and enjoy…all the days blessed to him. To do any other is a grievous sin.

Sisters and brothers I tell you this…today is good, tomorrow I hold hope, but yesterday is what I miss

5 thoughts on “To Quick a Memory

  1. Froggy, are you that prophet?

    You are welcome Dani…I hope all is well. I would love to chat one of these days. A year is too long my friend.

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