Miércoles, día de la diversión

Today at the Y I was doing my cardiovascular exercise on the treadmill and much to my chagrin…Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed was on! I ran on the treadmill for two hours just so I could watch the entire show.

I was beautiful. The Star Wars universe was examined with Joseph Campbell’s archetypes of myth. It made me love the Star Wars saga more than ever.

I even do not hate Jar Jar as much as I had. Now, that I understand the symbolism of his character. I love me some Star Wars.

I am excited for the next episode of the saga and hope more are to follow beyond the weekly series. It has always been my fan boy joy that the saga is depicted on the big screen past Return of the Jedi…I want to see the twins raise Cain!

I came home from the Y and checked my social networking accounts and commented to Carol about here question, “Is anyone else tired of postmodern? Do you have a better word?” I offered her snazzy.

Snazzy is to be fashionable or flashy. The Snazzy Church is a worshiping community that embraces the time it was called to be and the culture it seeks to transform. The Snazzy Church is concerned with the spiritual wellbeing of its community as it extends into the surrounding communities in love, grace, mercy, and faith. Hmmm, it has possibilities.

Looking forward to the year ending well.  I hope to have a call by the end of the year and it looks like the presbymergent CG meeting is a go for Feb…hopefully followed by a few regional meetings to voice our vision.  D.V.

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