I am nervious about going to church this day.

A pastor in Frankfort, KY was arrested in a sting operation dealing in the illegal trade of venomous snakes and exotic venomous snakes as reported here.

Another strike in my book for the literal interpretation of scripture. Seriously folks, would you or could you live in a world that followed the literal interpretation of all things in scripture? I am not sure there is room in that world for Jesus’ call to grace, love, compassion, and it definitely does not induce a reduction of norms.

If you handle snakes you may be bit. If you literally interpret scripture you will be in for some strange situations. The last time I checked stoning your children because they would not take out the trash or missed curfew is not OK in this culture.

What do you think would the strangest, most difficult item to living out literally from scripture in our culture today? If you feel so inlined you may include something on why something strange or difficult should be followed.

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