A Beautiful, Muggy Summer Night

Music calls me to worship God…not worship music played in a sanctuary made by human hands. Rather a car ride home on a muggy summer night. With the windows down and the radio playing a song that visits the beautiful part of my soul and puts to bed the anxious, angry, fearful man I am most of the time.

Tonight was that moment. I am thankful that I was able to drive from the pub home to Kozy Shack with the divine riding shotgun. There we were driving down Payne to Bardstown. Crossing over to Broadway and past First into McDonalds to perform my illegal left turn maneuver to get on to First.

I dance between TVOTR, Clinic, that song by Frou Frou on the Garden State sound track, and the ONCE soundtrack. I continue on down First to home. I past York and a voice rings out to God, “SAY IT TO ME NOW.” My heart listens and a tear forms at the corner of my eye. I think to pull over and decide against it. I am content being on the verge of sorrow and happiness.

I past St. Catherine’s. Over Oak. The song ends and my heart aches. It urns to be held tight. To be free for inhibition. The inhibition of an unemployed, self-righteous, free for all. I play the song again and drive around the block one more time. I park as the final guitar chord is strung…beautiful. On a muggy summer night I stare up to the heavens and I say, “thank you God!” You have searched me and know me. All of my days are yours. Beautiful. My heart calm and at peace…I walk inside Kozy Shack and my wife greets me with a kiss. Beautiful. Thank you, God. Beautiful.

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