A Church Un-Bound:Proximity in the Right & Wrong Game.

What a conference! I am back from Church Unbound and I got a shite load of things to chew on. What is church? What makes you move? What is the mission of the church? Where does the passion of the church intersect the needs of this world? Where have we gone astray?

I meet many of my online friends, which seems to be a trend these days. I heard some powerful lessons and inspiring words. I was brought to the mountain top and delivered with a big, bright bow. Then I silently walked down the backside to the shame that I arrived there on the backs of many.

Many of you attend church. Even more of you hope for a better tomorrow. An even greater number desires happiness. All of us live here in this world together. One boat. One ocean. One people. Many paddles. I take this analogy from Donald Millers book, Searching for God Knows What.

The question that troubles me the most is ownership. I posted last week on Bible-Based Bullshite. I was asked what spurned the post. Well may attitudes arising from the ashes of GA. The conservative accusal of the church is ruined. The church is being taken over by liberal, un-biblical doomsayers.

Folks that have said, “work within the church to save the church, and the world? There’s a mission.” In response to questions such as, “What would be the consequence if the Reformed evangelicals in the PC (USA) started an earnest effort at disengagement with the denomination?”

I think this is prime example of Bible-based ecclesial terror. If everyone does not agree with the simple, understandable, orthodox interpretation of scripture that I hold then you are not part of the same church that I am. Meaning that you are wrong and I am right. THIS IS A CROCK OF S*!T. When did the church become the sole position of anyone?

This is the problem with any label that emerges from the western world, it is exclusive still. The liberals and the conservatives are fighting a battle that marginalizes everyone except the few that ramp up to be in the conversation.

Either side blames the other for stunting the church, causing the loss…sad news. No one cares. We did not become irrelevant over night. It was everyone’s fault that we slipped out of the counter-cultural infiltrating social rebelliousness and into the complacent, docile civilized institutional church of today.

We can fight all day long about scriptural interpretation; it does not matter as millions go hungry. We can bitch and moan over who controls the power structure and who is allowed into the club of ordination as water and food becomes a commodity more valuable than gold and oil.

I am not saying the I have given up my progressive hammer for the conservative anvil. I am saying I am tired of the bickering and the doing nothing to serve the world. WTFWJD? Stop fighting and serve the margins! There is no right or wrong in the margins. Just pain, sorrow, suffering, and the face of Jesus Christ.

When will we dare be a church that does not shun the face of Christ. When will we be a church that engages proximity absent of care and worry to ourselves? Where is the humility, the compassion in ownership language? It is power, ownership, and conviction of utter truth that led this nation to destroy millions of native citizens and replace them forcibly with millions of Gods beloved creatures. Because we were right and we own the right view. We own the market on compassion…seriously the language of possession of truth and exclusivity of the gospel message is sickening. I for one say if you want to leave, go. If you want to stay around and fight for your right view, good. I pray that we all can see past the hypocrisy of the privilege we have on the backs of the worlds poor. Christians we are? Laughable. Sad, isolated, and righteous do not make for a humble heart. God forgiven us. God have mercy on us.

3 thoughts on “A Church Un-Bound:Proximity in the Right & Wrong Game.

  1. Dani says:

    Hey, yeah. I heard GA was crazy this year. Everyone’s talking about it, huh??? I wonder what will come of it. But, yeah. I mean, in the end, God is interested in our hearts, not our policies, right???

  2. Dani,
    GA was a bit exciting and heart breaking.

    Yes God is interested in our hearts. It is the human factor that is holding the Body back. If we did not have humanity involved in the Body all would be ok. Since we are called to participate in all of our brokenness the human policies matter. They are a way of glorifying God.

    I am not sure what will happen to the denomination in the near or far flung future. I trust God is at work in all of us.

  3. David says:

    mind the crumbs…our ideologies reveal our true theologies…and everyone is trying to create God in their own image, so the question that must be addressed (on every front) is “what is at stake?”

    it is impossible to take away someone’s identity without leaving them with another… I may still be wet behind the ears, but I know what I have heard… and it ain’t “everybody gets their own mini-loaf and personal thimble”.

    When will we shut up and let the sacraments speak?

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