The Nuni De Community is called to be

I have been trying to organize a worshiping community rooted together via a website and home groups.  I am putting together a proposal for some folks.  Here is a portion of the mission statement.

Community – It’s not good that people be or feel alone. We’re called to love our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to be a community that responds to the love of God by loving as much as we can. We seek to be inclusive, celebrate diversity, and witness against injustice as a loving worshiping community.

Charity – Whatever we do for the least, most vulnerable among us, we do for God. We are rooted in care for all that suffer, hurt, or just need someone to listen. We believe we are blessed to be a blessing. We use charity here, but we look at this as our obligation to creation. We must respond to the world in love and offer ourselves up to serve. We can do no other. We have been sent to bring good news to the poor, to let the oppressed go free.

Inquiry – Loving God with all of your heart, mind, and soul is serious business. It means understanding our world, our selves, and our traditions through a critical, unflinching eye. This also means that we thoughtfully pursue and name those Truths which we cannot quantify, reckoning no less rigorously with our deepest human longing and hope as a worshiping community. We welcome anyone seeking or questioning the reality to which they find themselves.

Spirituality – Meditation, prayer, fasting, the Eucharist—these are sacred tools that shape us from the inside-out. These things fashion space from the mundane, profane world for a sacred encounter with the divine. People are at their most wonderfully dangerous when living out of a centered and sacred place.

The Nuni De Community seeks to be[1]:

· A worshiping community centered on Jesus and the movement which calls us to social justice and service to the margins.

· A worshiping community that seeks to recover and bear witness to the radical transformation available in the Gospel message of Jesus.

· A worshiping community whose heart is renewed in Christ’s saving grace.

· A worshiping community that endeavors to walk with Jesus in an intimate and personal relationship.

· A worshiping community that is more Jesus centered than religious centered.

· A worshiping community that covenants with God to serve the community in joy and sorrow, in difficulty and celebration.

· A worshiping community that seeks to be prophetic against the consuming powers of the prevailing culture and offer a simple way to be the Kingdom of God.

The Nuni De Community endeavors to be:

· A refuge in the community for all.

· A place to question without judgment.

· A home to the homeless.

· A shelter for the storm of consumerism.

· A garden of knowledge and love.

· A community that reaches outward to love its neighbors as we love ourselves.

The Nuni De Community is:

As you enter out website [] you first read this, “We envision this site as a place that supports a community of faith that is collectively seeking what to do next. This is why we have chosen to call ourselves “Nuni De” Community. It comes from Philemon and it is used to describe Onesimus after he becomes useful. It represents that awakening ones feels when faced with the grace, forgiveness, love, acceptance, and provision offered in Jesus the Christ. We sold all we had to get what we have. This is our treasure, our pearl.

Here we are, having experienced a moment of transformation. What we had yesterday is no longer sufficient. We are deeply hungry for more, something intimate. We are tired of being defined by our habits of consumption. We are not satisfied with the John Wayne Jesus and bumper sticker theology that has displaced the mystery that is the Messiah. We are actively seeking understanding of what is happening in our lives, in this world. We do not own the truth. We are seekers of truth. We are imperfect vessels seeking sacred space to be the church.

This community is welcoming of all. Your religion, gender, sexuality, persuasion, lack of persuasion, beauty, SAT scores, abilities, or ignorance does not entitle you to more or less here. There is no checklist available to measure success. You do not have to have your shite together to be a part of this worshiping community. You are welcome to wrestle honestly, vulnerably in this worshiping community. You do not have to be more but hungry and seeking a place to converse, explore, and walk with others that are hungry and seeking another way.”

[1] Inspired and taken from from

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