I love summer TV programing!

I am so look forward to Wipeout, America Got Talent (AGT), and I survived a Japanese game show.  Last summer it was Pirate Master and big brother in Seminole county, OK that burned my bridges to human contact.   I am not too proud to claim I love these things.   I have been long accused of poor taste in film and TV.  My brother to this day claims I am a “Good Burger” kind of guy.  To my defense it was a low period in my life that I watched that movie.

So a few weeks into AGT and I will say I love it.  It is a great escape into Americana.  Some folks are very entertaining.  Others seriously crack me up.  Either way the show allows me to vicariously fill a void in my heartless soulless life.  I would never go on stage and do the stuff they do.  I am still a bit embarrassed of praying in public.  I could never see myself on stage performing for anyone.  That is why I hate camp stuff and talent shows.  I worry that I am not funny or that I look fat in that shirt or something.

So I enjoy the AGT and all of its gooey goodness.

Wipeout is freaking great.  Not as great as Ninja Warriors!  Now that is TV programing!

I Survived a Japanese Game Show will not get me time.  I watched part of the first show.  It was good but not enough to take me away from AGT.

TV is not the same as when we was younger.  There are really no shows that captured me like “Growing Pains.”  The year Mike was supposed to marry Julie on the cruise ship and it ended in a cliff hanger, never to have Julie to return, was the longest hiatus ever.  I was so sad that they did not marry.  It was almost to much for my pubescent, evangelical fundamentalist heart.  Thank you God for the “Left Behind” movie.

So I return to the point, I love summer TV programming.  There is nothing like it on earth.  Say for Church Unbound.  It is the place where the earths deepest needs and my greatest joy intersect.  Thank you God for Kirk Cameron and summer programming!

Peace be with you!

Palabra tu Madre!

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