I just can’t get enough…

I am excited that GA is live hot and streaming. I will begin to follow 10pm [est]. It is my hope and prayer that BRC is called as moderator. It is also my hope and prayer that I am really called to ministry and someone calls me to it. Well at least that I get a job soon that will cover the student loan payments I owe on the undergrad and divine masters I plugged through. Seriously, If anyone has any connects anywhere in Louisville, preferably in a ministry capacity type job, I really need it now. I am having no luck because of GA. No one calls me back from the mothership. I hope it is just because of GA. I am getting very antsy. Mere and I have a chunk to pay back.

Maybe I will sell my book for a fancy 100,000 dollar advance. Anyone want a book on Iron Maiden and theology? Email me.

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