I checked and there were no children, pets, or aliens (illegal or otherwise) in the dryer.  So I used it in good conscience.  I wonder what life was like for local Louisville pets, children, and foreigners prior to these warning labels.  I am glad we are civilized and instruct society in a manner that guards against these clear obstructions of justice.

3 thoughts on “What?!?

  1. Since there is a warning label for it, no doubt some kid was actually in a dryer, and some hapless soul put their wet clothes in on top of him/her, having neglected to check the machine for children, and turned the damn thing on. Now, of course, we all have to suffer for their lack of foresight.

  2. Dogmom says:

    It was terrible before those warnings were posted. Dogs, cats and children walked around all fluffy. It was disgusting.

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