A moment in time at the Laundry & Tan

Today I went and did laundry at the local Laundry & Tan shop. Is shop the right word here? It is the urban version of the bait shop and hallmark store. I was accosted by a fellow trying to sell me some cigars.

The conversation went a little like this:

HE: Hey say its a beautiful day [as I enter the L&T].

ME: It sure is. I cannot think of a nicer morning than this one.

HE: [As he is getting

of an old ten-speed and clinching a hand full of cigars.] Man you need a smoke. I just happen to have a few here. I will sell you one for a dollar.

ME: I bet it would make the morning better. I quit smoking though. I am sorry man.

HE: Well do you think you could spare a dollar anyway? I am real hungry. I could use some for.

ME: Sure. [being at the laundry shop I only had a bunch of quarters] I hand him 5 or 6 quarters and wish him a good day.

HE: Thanks brother! [we shake hands and do the chest bump thing] God bless you!

ME: Thank you. I hope you find someone to smoke or sell our cigars to.

HE: Me too man.

He then leaves me as I am putting my laundry in the machine. He walks right up to the vending machines and looks. He then goes over to the Mrs. Pac Man machine and drops in the quarters I just gave him and begins to chop dots

and chase ghosts.

I sort of smile and wonder where the hungry part fit in. This is one of the strangest encounters with panhandlers I have ever had.

2 thoughts on “A moment in time at the Laundry & Tan

  1. may he thought HE was pacman therefore he NEEDED to eat ghosts
    that’s what I would of done
    and don’t forget the little cherries, who doesn’t like a good cherry?

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