Wait a F@&cking minute Mr. Bush!!!

Today I hear that President Bush wants to open up oil drilling off the coast of American states and in the Artic National Park.  He says it is as simple as supply and demand.  America’s demand of oil has grown and in these days of high oil prices and foreign dependency we as Americans must supply more.


Why can we not decrease our demand?  Why is the answer always to consume more and more.  This is why we are in this mess.  We are a nation of consuming pigs.  We demand and expect the world to bow to our desire.

When will we be a “Christian Nation”?  We must be good stewards and decrease our demand.  It is not time for the public to use public transport?  Perhaps move back to the cities or live closer to our work…work closer to where we live?  Would not good stewardship include demanding from the auto makers that they produce more fuel efficient vehicles?

I for one worry about the national demand for oil.  It has caused a few wars already.  What is next?  As oil and pollution and human environmental consumption demand too much from the natural resources that exist with us in creation is water, food, and safe land next?  I imagine we owe it to the next generations to clean up the mess we are in.  Boomers, Xers, and Millennial’s, we all need to fix this shite.  It is not going away and we cannot keep burying our heads in the sand.

Decrease demand!

3 thoughts on “Wait a F@&cking minute Mr. Bush!!!

  1. katrina says:

    you know…the real problem lies not in finding alternative fuels, but our demand in the millions of other products in which hydrocarbons are used: think PLASTIC, vaseline, velcro, etc. our demand is actually higher for those products than it is for the gasoline that powers our cars. i mean, how do you reduce demand for plastics? and not just at home, but in hospitals? ugh…its a big problem.

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