I wish these guys were my friends…

I have recently begun to watch “Rules of Engagement.” I am not too sure what it is all about. I love the show because Patrick Warburton is in it. I dig this versitile actor. Would could not love Mr. Warburton. He is witty and average. He is in many and has been in many of my favorite shows: The Venture Brothers, Family Guy, and The Tick. He is today’s Charlton Heston.

I also like Jason Lee a lot. I loved him in Mallrats. It was there that I wanted him to be my buddy. The guy I hang out with at the mall and talk madd shite. Then go and crash a party with as we mock the ignorance of anyone that is not us. Just look at the list of TV and film that Jason blesses us with: My Name is Earl, The Incredibles, Almost Famous, Heartbreakers, Mumford, and Chasing Amy. Jason is this generations Dean Martin. Now that Jason is no longer a Scientologist I can enjoy his goodness and admire him. Plus Jason used to skate the hezzel out of the earth.

Then there is Bruce Campbell. I really should not have to explain this one. I will for the two people out there that are not a fan. I suppose that one of those people that do not like Bruce must be Fred Phelps. Bruce is a legend! Bruce is the Marlon Brando of our time. There is not a part he cannot play. He has been in TV and film such as the Evil Dead flicks, Bubba Ho-Tep, Jack of All Trades, Hercules, Xena, The Adventures of Brisco County JR, and Army of Darkness.

I wish that I could call up Patrick Warburton, Jason Lee, and Bruce Campbell and invite them to hang out. You know it is a Fridy night and Mere is hanging out with the ladies from Sex in the City. They are out having a fabulous dinner and some exquisite cocktails and I call the guys to hang out at Kozy Shack.

We could play a little Guitar Hero III and then a spot of Warriors on the PSII. we would go to Rudyard Kipling’s and have a drink or two and Jason would drive us over to the water front to mock some tourists. Then we would go to Thomas Merton Square and seek some enlightenment. After we were good and enlightened we could enjoy the zen of baseball at Slugger Field.

So if you are Patrick, Jason, and Bruce call me.  We can hang out.  I can’t pay for any of you right now.  But when I get a job and an income I will return the favor.  How often do you get to hang out with me?  So if you are ever in Louisville you know the offer is open.

Palabra tu Madre!

One thought on “I wish these guys were my friends…

  1. Ben says:

    Dude, I knew that we were going to be friends, but reading this list on your website of the three dudes you want to hang out with confirms it. I am a little sad that Bruce came last though. He should have topped the list. I would join you at Rudyard Kiplings though. You left off Bruce’s most recent work, Burn Notice. I have watched it, it isn’t bad. It’s on USA, starts again soon I believe.

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