I find this argument rather refreshing

This was posted on iReport over at CNN. It is posted by babaji6194.

Would all the Evangelical Christians kindly stop using the Old Testament as a weapon of hatred. I am a Jew. The Old Testament to us is called the Torah. It is OUR book. Considering conservative Christianity has spent the better part of the last 2000 years trying to eradicate us and the Torah, you don’t get to use it and it’s passages as a weapon of mass ignorance.
At least take to time learn what was written AND the context it was written in. Homosexuality has never been condemned in the Torah. It only became that way after Christians translated it (badly) and then incorporated their own agendas.
“Abomination” does not mean the same thing in Hebrew as it does in English.
In the context of the times, it simply means that men lying with men and women doing the same with women wasn’t in the best interest of the Hebrew tribe that wrote the passage (at that time ) because they were trying to build a nation. Population growth was kind of an imperative.
Just like eating shrimp, lobster, crab and shellfish was an abomination, it was simply not their way of doing things. These and other tenants were written by men doing their best under harsh conditions and with absolutely no credible education or frame of reference. But things change.
Righteous people all of the world work on the sabbath, go to shrimp boils and wear polyester. Heck even my own mom loves to plant carrots and radishes in the same raised flower bed (also forbidden).
So please, stop using the Torah to hurt. Jews wrote the book and we understand it a lot better than any christian. If you’re gonna run off at the mouth, first, ask a Jew. We’ll set you straight.
And for all those who still think same sex marriage is wrong, a simple solution would be this: don’t marry someone of the same sex. There, problem solved.
The rest of America has the right to define and choose their own destiny. It is guaranteed in the constitution, which as far as civil life goes IS the supreme document.
Just because you are the Christian Right, doesn’t mean you aren’t Wrong.

4 thoughts on “I find this argument rather refreshing

  1. Tim says:

    It is good to know that I wasted all my time going to seminary and learning Hebrew exegesis and all that stuff. Ah refreshing. 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Actually, I just doubt the usefulness of the bible in general. It seems like an unnecessary restraint to me believing whatever the hell I would like to anyways. Why go through the trouble of creating a pseudo-biblical rationale for an action, if I could much more easily set the bible aside entirely? If nothing else, that would be more truthful. 🙂

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