I feel like…

Today I feel a little like Milli Vanilli.

I find it a bit ironic that this song makes me happy. These guys got thrown under the bus. They were not malicious at all. The public crushed them and their hanger oners tip toed away clean. Rob kills himself and Fab is still trying to be accepted.

I say I feel a bit like them right now. I achieved apex [in this moment] with graduation, marriage, and a new adventure with new wife and sparkling degree. Yet I am trying to prove I am worthy. I seek a place to roam and be. I find my days filled with boxes, silence, and contemplation. These are dangerous times for me. I am going to try and write more. I have hope in the midst of my griping of these stagnate, commodified moments of self doubt and dim revelry of the Kingdom I know is present in the midst of it all.

So i thank Rob and Fab for brightening my day. Girl you know it’s true.

3 thoughts on “I feel like…

  1. Random question: did you watch the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon back in the early 90s? If so, do you remember the Milli Vanilli episode? It was awesome. Or something.

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