Dickson, TN 37055

Here we are in the comfort of our Quality Suite.

We have traveled over the mighty Mississippi.  We have journeyed through the State of Arkansas.  We have left Texas.  It is a strange thing leaving and begining.

I have had plenty of time meditating on all the changes in our lives these past few weeks.  I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  I am still processing.

Only the misogynistic ramblings of Sister So & So and Brother Prophet Moneybags telling me that I must surrender “properly” in order to truly enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I was also told that the problem with men not being in leadership in the church is because to many upity women are taking all of the leadership roles and marginalizing men.

So ladies according to Eastern Texas Religious Radio you need to be satisfied with your role as supporter of men in ministry and encourager of other women.  God blessed you so.  Men only get to lead and be in charge.  That is a hard job.  Sisters please support them.  BULLSHITE!

I am gaining a new understanding of religious diversity as we cross this nation.

I wonder what the connection is between exclusivity in the salvific message in a fundamental interpretation and survival instinct and suspicion.  Any thoughts?

Crazy stuff seen:

Shiloh battle field

Loretta Lynn gift shop and country store

two ladies in a Tennessee buffet teasing each other that they are making fools of themselves and others may think they have never eaten.

Many rivers.

Many forests.

A flaming car.

Countless signs for country style ham.

A beautiful hope for this nation…

2 thoughts on “Dickson, TN 37055

  1. Loretta Lynn gift shop, you rock!

    On our honeymoon I took Carol to the Museum of American Atrocities and Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth. She drew the line at the Wax museum. Also, Kafka’s diaries is not a happy thing to take on a honeymooon.

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