Mere and I are in east Texas now.  Land of Bigfoot.  Home to Quality Inn, our roof for the night.  After packing all of our stuff on Monday and Tuesday we headed east to Louisville.  We landed here in Tyler for the night.

We passed the 30 minute worship service church.

We passed a potato chip factory.  It smelled wonderful like fresh corn chips.

We passed the Coal Miners Inn.  The daughter was not in.

We had the most wonderful banana cream pop ever!

We dinned at DQ and fear our stuff shall be liberated overnight.

We also celebrated with a changing America in Tyler, TX that Obama has been given a chance to lead America to the promised land.

Tomorrow we feast at the “Full” breakfast buffet and head to Nashville.

I pray we make it to Louisville safely and with most of our stuff.  Mainly my wife and our health.

Palabra tu Madre!

2 thoughts on “Tyler,TX

  1. grant says:

    good luck, i being the sad sap i am, wish i was there, alas, i may have a reason to return to austin. call you later.

  2. matthew_lt says:

    Freddy says, “Good luck! May many buffets be in your future and your beer always cold!”

    I love you guys, have a wonderful time in the Vatican .

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