Church Unbound!

I am so excited. I just can’t hide it. I am gonna lose control and I think I like it…

I hope to meet many of you at the conference.

Look at the Workshops Offered

  • Facing Our Differences Together: Toward a Next Generation Church, John Franke, Hatfield, PA
  • Becoming a Multicultural Community, Jin S. Kim, Minneapolis, MN
  • Worship Unbound: Hearing the Voice of Christ Amidst the Noise of an Uninhibited Generation, Melva W. Costen, Atlanta, GA
  • Our Post-Modern Age: An Introduction, W. Stacy Johnson, Princeton, NJ
  • Activating and Energizing Youth in Ministry in a Multicultural Setting, Marissa Galván-Valle, Louisville, KY
  • Reconnecting Our Connectionalism, Jack Haberer, Richmond, VA
  • Christian Worship and Preaching in a Post-Modern World, Rhashell Hunter, Louisville, KY
  • Presbyterian Global Fellowship, Scott Weimer, Atlanta, GA
  • Leading the Church Into the Future, Linda Bryant Valentine, Louisville KY
  • The Emerging Mainline: Church from Scratch, Nanette Sawyer, Chicago, IL
  • Post-Modern Biblical Interpretation, Eugene Eung-Chun Park, San Francisco, CA
  • Why Adapting Purpose-Driven is a Great Way to Fulfill the Great Ends! Michael Carey, Satellite Beach, FL
  • The Tribal Church, Carol Howard Merritt, Washington, DC
  • Presbyterians and Emergent, Karen E. Sloan, Hamden, CT and Troy Bronsink, Atlanta, GA
  • Resurrecting Church, Shane Claiborne, Philadelphia, PA
  • Future Church, Anti-Racist Church, Lisa Larges, San Francisco, CA
  • 12 Dynamic Shifts to a Missional Church, E. Stanley Ott, Vienna, VA
  • Framing an Ecclesiology for the Congregation, John W. Stewart, Princeton, NJ
  • Another Resurrection Story, Maggie Lauterer, Burnsville, NC
  • First Order Thinking: Transforming Congregational Life from the Inside Out, Bill Golderer, Philadelphia, PA
  • Ready, Steady, Go: Young Adults Prepare to Lead! Bridgett A. Green, Louisville, KY

I stated before going to this event is parallel to Woodstock. If you are seeking to converse about/on the changing paradigm of ministry, church, and world then be here. Be here. Be here!

I wanted to inform y’all that there are 10 to 12 spots open as of right now with Covenant Community Church in Louisville for the Church Unbound conference at Montreat this July!

The cost is $156.25 for room and board. You register for the conference separately.

If you are interested in this red hott deal email me at and I will pass you along to the powers that be at Covenant Community Church.

5 thoughts on “Church Unbound!

  1. I reallly want to go , just don’t have the funds. Even if I get sponsored by the church there’s the whole plane ticket lodging thing. Plus, finding someone to watch 2 kids in the summer isn’t easy. I know it will be fun!! You deserve a good vacay after all you’ve done lately!!! When’s the wedding??

  2. @ Dannah the wedding is on Saturday! Yikes. I am looking forward to my life with my wife to be. She is a keeper. I also am excited about the doo hickey thing-a-ma-jig.

    @ Matt I will be posting on line or twittering the workshops I am in.

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