A Process of the Catechumenate in the PC(USA)

Carol has a post today one Christian rites and initiation and youth. This is in response to this post. The information below is an adaptation from Rev. Dr. David Batchelder.

[Unbaptized “Seeker” attends worship with local assembly]

Period of INQUIRY begins

Length: Indefinite

Focus: Hospitality

Ministry: Readiness to respond to questions

Context: One on one with mentor

Rite of Acceptance [the worshiping community]

Promises of Intent

Promises of Support

Signed with the Cross

Presentation of Bible



Length: Indefinite (min. several months)

Focus: Apprenticeship as a disciple of Jesus Christ

Ministry: Formation through liturgical catechesis based on Sunday lessons

Context: Small group

Rites: Blessings

Rite of Enrollment [the worshiping community]

Promises of Intent

Promises of Support

Names recorded in book



Length: Weeks (Lent or Advent)

Focus: Sacramental Worship

Ministry: Intensified formation

Context: Small group

Rites: Ritual Blessings/ Scrutinies

Rite of Baptism [the worshiping community]

Profession of faith



Laying on of hands



Length: Life-long

Focus: Reflection an the meaning of the liturgy for life and service

Ministry: Participation in the liturgy and mission

Context: The assembly

Rites: Word and Sacrament

Rite of Vocal Affirmation [the worshiping community]

Affirmation of Call

Commitment to Mission

Lighting of candles

3 thoughts on “A Process of the Catechumenate in the PC(USA)

  1. When I get called I want to have mystagogy as the root of all education programs. I hope that the place I am called is not afraid of being too catholic.

  2. I love the feel of this. I also recognize the significant shift this represents from “professing our faith” in a few word answers to membership questions. We will do well to go deep. Thanks

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