6 thoughts on “Remember when [Battle of the Planets]

  1. I remember this one fondly, perhaps not as fondly as Star Blazers, but fondly nonetheless. Back when I was trying to come up with a blog handle, I seem to recall briefly considering 7Zark7.

  2. David, I just added Star Blazers to my Netflix que. I loved the big battle star ship!

    Brian, What Art Clokey died?!? I love me some claymation!

  3. grant says:

    alas, i loved this show, it was originally ninja science team gatchaman, than battle of the planets, and then g-force… i forget the whole title here.

    i love star blazers!!!!! i wish they would re-release it on dvd, with a more affordable price tag, that would be awesome!!!!, i am tempted to buy the robotech box, and some day samurai champloo!!!!

    man i loved anime, tranzor z anyone?

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