Run to the Hills!

This morning I wake up to the mind numbing realization that I have nothing to complete. No papers to write. No classes to attend. No interviews. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

It lasted a sum total of ten minutes. That is when I checked my email and discovered that I need to complete supplemental questions to an application for a PCUSA internship program. I am lame. I am working on these questions and The Hansen emails me and tempts me with Maiden.

I mull it over a bit. I post a Twitter poll. And then call my brother. Who tells me after a long silence, “You are going to Maiden F#@ker! I am missing my shot at seeing them to come to your wedding. And you will bring me a shirt.”

So I shall suffer and go see Maiden. Tonight at 7:00 pm I will be running to the Hills.

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