Thank you Presbymergent folks!

I came in fourth for the Presbymergent logo contest. Which means I won a prize package. Thank you to all that voted for me. I believe that I won prize package number 4, which includes the books An Emergent Manifesto of Hope, ed. by Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt & They Like Jesus But Not the Church by Dan Kimball & a $40 iTunes Gift Card.

I received the $40 i Tunes gift card this morning. With it I purchased the following albums:

Warsaw Village Band- People’s Spring

Knights of the Abyss-Juggernaut

Jedi Minds Tricks-Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell

Bombay Bicycle Club-The Boy I Used Be-EP

Dengue Fever-Venus on Earth

Gus Black-Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic [KCRW]

So far, the Gus Black album has taken most of my time. I love the Gus Black. I recommend this album. The arrangements are beautifully layered and poetic. It is simple and lovely. If you were blown away the first time you heard Damien Rice or Josh Rouse you got to give Gus a try.

I love the Warsaw Village Band album. It is a nice change to what I have been listening to most of the semester. Which is largely hardcore and hip hip. I look forward to listening to the Knights of the Abyss album at tomorrows work out along with the JMT album.

Dengue Fever is catchy. I have to listen to them more before I give a verdict.

I try to listen to an ablum a few times when I first get it. Then I wait a few weeks to listen again, trying to touch many modes before I relegat it to any catagory. I have been wrong many times with my first verdict and had to change it up later on down the road.

Thanks again to Presbymergent and all the folks that blessed me with these badass gifts. It helps so much as the wedding approaches. I got to pick up some new music. I am f*@king excited to have these albums and the forth coming books!

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