The Church Unbound Conferance

[The prospect of me going to the conference is on the up & up]

I want to attend this conference. I want to listen to the speakers, met folks from the blogosphere, and meet the folks in the denomination that are like minded in seeking different ways of being Church. Mere and I were going to go there on sort of a honeymoon. Now she has to work and has graciously offered for me to go it alone. Now I just need to find a ride from Louisville and an additional $300.

It is frustrating to me as I try to continue my education and progress in answering my call. If anyone in the Louisville area is going to attend the Church Unbound Conference and wants to do a ride share and split gas please let me know. I would love to join you.

I almost feel like I must go to this conference. I will be bummed if I have to miss it. It is like missing out on Woodstock and trying to still be a hippie.

3 thoughts on “The Church Unbound Conferance

  1. ” It is like missing out on Woodstock and trying to still be a hippie.” It is funny. Dinger, I am reading the Keith Green book. I dig it.

  2. Jud Hendrix says:


    My name is Jud Hendrix. I am a pastor at Covenant Community Church here in Louisville. We have a group from our church going and they have space in a house we are renting and I am sure someone can provide transportation. Contact me 235-3250 or We may be able to help with registration fee as well.


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