Conventional Wisdom Says…

Conventional wisdom tells me I have no business doing this…I should not hope for a Freeway World Series this early in the season. With the Halos in first and the Blue Crew getting hot, I am dreaming a little dream. Every year the season begins with me hoping this is the year destiny smiles on So Cal. I wonder what kind of sacrifice is required to bring about the glory that would be a Freeway World Series.

Here are my predictions for this season.

Winning the American League East

Winning the American League Central

Winning the American League West

Winning the American League Wild Card

Winning the National League East

Winning the National League Central

Winning the National League west

Winning the National League Wild Card

4 thoughts on “Conventional Wisdom Says…

  1. Timothy Blodgett says:

    I don’t know, (pause) but maybe you should go back and pick so good teams. Hope you are finishing everything up strong.

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