Carne Asada is not a Crime!

I was reading the LA Times yesterday and came across this article.  LA County is trying to criminalize the goodness that is the TACO TRUCK!  Countless construction workers, students, and blue collars alike have walked outside of their place of business and enjoyed the fruits of the TACO TRUCK.

I remember one night in Santa Monica… My buddy Randy and I were leaving a house party and walking in the late night fog.  We happened upon the glory of the TACO TRUCK, with its luminescent glow of glorious carne goodness.  The lovingly warmed corn tortilla, the gently roasted carne resting in that tortilla blanket waiting for its passionately chopped pillows of onions and celantro.  Top this of with a shower of salsa verde, if you are so inclined.  No cheese here!  No flowing queso here!  No nonsense here!  Just handmade love in the form of TACOS!

For Gods sake leave the TACO TRUCKS alone.  They are a deep part of the Los Angeles mystique, the LA flair, the American dream.  What will be next the Heladores?!?

6 thoughts on “Carne Asada is not a Crime!

  1. Now that’s a cause that I can get behind. Taco trucks are the epitome of all that is right and good about this world. Take them away and what do we have left? Nacho carts? Burrito stands? It’s not enough, dammit, it’s just not enough.

  2. I am saddened by this event. What would Jesus do? Jesus would go to the TACO TRUCK and get a couple of tacos and eat them with the sinners.

    @DEES, I am with you and feel your angst. If they remove the TACO TRUCK they might as well take my freedom and force me to watch reruns of The Guiding Light!

    @ Monica, did you translate this yourself? I knew it was in the Greek!

    @Dannah, please comfort your children. It is a sad day. The kiddos need not know of this.

    @ Carol, Please help us in this fight. Could go down to Congress and inform them of this tragedy seeking to be averted.

    To ALL, please pray for the TACO TRUCKS.

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