I need this for the pulpit!

I am sort of amazed that this exists.

An excerpt from the site:

About Elfin Magical Capes

Flowing Hooded Capes and Robes.
Inspired by the Elfin Cloaks and the Wizard Robes of Legend.
Passing the Legacy onto You.

Elfin Magical Capes and Wizard Robes is inspired by a dream, a vision, of a time when the Elves and Wizards freely roamed this Earth in their gallant cloaks and robes. It was a time when these wise immortal beings had adventures that have now become our legends and myth. These handcrafted hooded capes and robes come to you from those that are lovers of the immortals, the keepers of the Legacy. They are elegant and durable garments that radiate nobility. Wear the dream, experience the dream, and the dream becomes yours.

Seriously freaking cool!!!  I am thinking the capes in Liturgical colors over my flax alb…

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