12 thoughts on “Attention all Artists!

  1. Dannah, it is my opinion that it always best to be unspoken and loosely defined. What do I know?

    I am glad you are giving it another shot. Maybe you could bring this to the homeless outreach you do?

  2. Hey Ryan,

    I think David William’s guidelines were mostly self-imposed — not “official” or anything. I like most of them, except for the first one about integrating the logo of the Presbyterian church. Personally, I’d rather see a logo that somehow “alludes to” or is reminiscent of aspects of the Presbyterian one, rather than one that actually uses it. And let’s not forget that for centuries, the logo of the presbyterian church was the Celtic Cross.

  3. Well those criteria were kind of lost on my art class. Not many of them have heard of EMC, the solas, etc. I tried to explain but I only have 2 hours and didn’t get a lot of listeners. Someone did a picture of hands holding a rosary but I don’t think that’s what we’re looking for… but I do have one in the works. And Neal, it has a nod to the Celtics too. Just for you!

  4. Neal,
    I just wanted to offer some starting point. I am of the school of no rules more creativity.

    Dannah, I love that you brought it to your class. That is a winner in my book.

  5. Dani says:

    Ryan, hey I went to that website. How do you get your blog posted on it? I tried to figure it out, but couldn’t. I noticed you and Andrew are there. Nice.

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